Hungry? I know I am!

My appetite for food started around the age of 14-15, when I decided to become vegetarian. Back then, no one in the house really knew how to accommodate such a diet, so I was left to figure it out on my own. Through that, I learned how to create new experiences through food. Growing up in various households exposed me to cultures that were different from my own.

After that, I realized that food was a sort of a gateway into understanding the world around me. Food to me represents: art, science, history, geography, and SO much more. I decided then that I wanted to know more about different cultures. And without a passport at the time, what better way to do that than with food?

Fast forward to the now; no longer vegetarian. But by carving out my own future through working in various kitchens, and devouring different cultural cookbooks, I’ve learned how to navigate through the World: one plate at a time.