Clafoutis; A Simple French Dessert

There is no denying that the French reign supreme of the Dessert world. They are known to create exquisitely fantastical desserts worthy of royalty, or by contrast: make the most simple, unpretentious dessert a thing of longing. One such example, you see, is Clafouti. Clafouti is as simple as it is practical, and you may very […]

Jap Chae (Korean Glass Noodles) 잡채

Room mates. Most of us have them. And somehow, they always tend to leave a mark. There’s one in particular that im reminded of.. He was a keyboardist. A hairstylist. A lenscrafter. But what stood out most to me, was his love of Asian culture. And while it was mostly Japanese and kendo related, it bled […]

Æbleskiver; Danish Pancake Balls

“It’s a ball!” “It’s a CAKE!” It’s, it’s.. “Æbleskiver“!? Æbleskiver, or “Pancake Puffs”  are a traditional Danish-style sphere-shaped pancake. Pronounced “aye-bill-ski-ver”, the name literally translates to apple slices in Danish. Funny enough: apples aren’t actually used in this dish at all! Cooked on a stove-top pan with half-spherical molds, Æbleskiver are nowadays made in cast iron (which allows for good heat retention). […]

Elote A La Mexicana (Mexican Cobbed Corn)

One of the things that I like best about working in various restaurants in Southern California, is that I have been blessed with quite a few Hispanic Coworkers. Because of this, I have been introduced to amazing dishes like Chilequiles, Stuffed Poblanos, or even more recently: Elote. Elote (e-lo-teh), or corn on the cob, is a very popular street food […]

Eight Treasures Rice Pudding (Ba bao fan)

Ba bao fan (八寶飯), or “Eight Treasures Rice”, is a lavish Chinese dessert made from glutinous rice, red bean paste and eight kinds of fruits or nuts. It’s quite rich, and rightfully so! This ‘pudding’ is traditionally served on Chinese New Years to celebrate wealth, balance, and good things to come! The Eight Treasures’ name sake comes from the […]


There is something just so spectacular about Italian cookery. Italian food is synonymous with comfort. It is about celebrating the simplicity of each ingredient without pretentiousness or snobbery. Pizza and pasta, or canolis and gelato! You name it, I love it. And when I get a need to feed for Italian Cuisine, I always get Bruschetta […]

Onigiri Umezuke (Pickled Plum Riceball)

There’s a certain memory from my childhood that I recall whenever I see or read about Onigiri. I must have been around 9 or so when my step-grandparents were visiting from Japan. Being that we were in Southern California at the time, we had decided to head up to Mt Big Bear to ride snow tires […]

Hungarian Lecsó

The idea to make Lecsó came to me by means of my fellow wanderlust friend, Mar. Mar is a seasoned traveler, who came about this dish while couch surfing on her trip through Hungary. When telling her about my blogging endeavors, she recommended this dish to me. Lecsó (LEH-choh)  is a sweet and spicy pepper-based stew. While […]

Morrocan Preserved Lemons (Hamad m’rakhad)

So, I will start with this.. If you work in kitchens like I do, do not try to be a hero and make this without wearing gloves ( I did). The mixture will get into every, tiny, cut. With that learning experience out of the way, Preserved Lemons are a condiment that is common to North African and […]